Farm Secrets AloeVera Face and Body Gel – 220gm +free Dant Rattan Plus Herbal Toothpaste – 100gm




Farm Secrets AloeVera Face and Body Gel – 220gm +free Dant Rattan Plus Herbal Toothpaste – 100gm

Farm Secrets AloeVera Face and Body Gel – 220gm

Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in skincare. Farm Secrets Aloevera Face & Body Gel is a multi-purpose skincare product that nourishes the skin with vitamins and nutrients. There are various techniques to appear younger, but the best way is to maintain a good skin regimen. Now is the time to start developing it and seeing the results. The only component with many advantages is aloe vera. It explains how to get rid of acne and imperfections. It determines how to assist with aging symptoms. Aloevera face and body gel from Farm Secrets is an anti-aging product that reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Aloevera Gel is one of the most commonly used herbal treatments for skin disorders. Farm Secrets provides you the greatest ayurvedic skincare solution. Farm Secrets Aloevera Face and Body Gel is the greatest anti-aging face and body gel that treats all forms of skin problems. Trust Farm Secrets and its aloe vera gel for fairness that benefits you all around if you’re wondering about how to combat your skin troubles.


  • Helps to stop excess oil secretion, and prevents fungal and bacterial growth, sunburn tanning, and pigmentation.
  • Have AntiOxidant, Anti-infective, and moisturizing properties.
  • Gently detoxifies the skin from within resulting in an effective glow on the skin.
  • Good for healing acne, black spots, and blackheads.
  • Make it a part of your daily skincare regime and get that flawless healthy skin that glows from within.
  • Aloe Vera anti-aging gel is useful in rejuvenating, nourishing, beautifying, and glorifying skin, and helps in retaining healthy skin.
  • Used to heal burn marks, acne marks, and melasma. It prevents dryness of the skin.

Dant Rattan Plus Herbal Toothpaste – 100gm

To keep your teeth and gums strong, you need to use the right toothpaste. If you are planning to go herbal, here are some of the most trusted and preferred options for you. White and healthy teeth along with strong gums are essential elements of oral health. If any of these aspects are missing, you will constantly face one or the other oral health trouble. While many people are moving towards herbal products, going for a herbal toothpaste will not be a bad idea. If you are looking for a toothpaste that has herbal extracts, we have made your search easier. Here is a one of the most popular toothpaste options available in India that is known to be made using natural ingredients : Dant Rattan Plus Herbal Toothpaste.


  • Dissolve Plaque
  • Strong teeth
  • Healthy Gums
  • Relief Toothache
  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial Agent
  • Breath Fresher
  • Clear Mouth Infection
  • Prevents Cavity
  • Reduces Gum Swelling


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