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Herbo Rattan Gynae Plus – 60 capsules

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Flash Sale  Herbo Rattan Gynae Plus – 60 capsules

Flash Sale  Herbo Rattan Gynae Plus Capsules are an efficient treatment for a common female issue. It is the most effective women’s tonic for improving immunity. It’s often used to diagnose and treat blood circulation problems, allergies, and anemia. It’s a uterine tonic that can help with leucoria and vaginal soreness.

Herbo Rattan Gynae Plus Features:

  • Balanced Hormones: Gynecological supplements often aim to support hormonal balance in women, which can be crucial for overall reproductive and menstrual health.
  • Menstrual Health: Some products focus on improving menstrual regularity, reducing cramps, and addressing issues related to the menstrual cycle.
  • Vaginal Health: Gynecological supplements may include ingredients that promote vaginal health and prevent common issues like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.
  • Fertility Support: For women trying to conceive, some also supplements may contain ingredients believed to enhance fertility and reproductive health.
  • Menopausal Support: Certain products may cater to menopausal women by helping manage symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and bone health.
  • Nutritional Support: These supplements often contain vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that are believed to be beneficial for women’s reproductive health.
  • General Well-being: Gynecological supplements may also promote overall well-being and vitality, with claims of increased energy and improved mood.


Take one capsule twice a day with water after a meal or as directed by a physician.


Each 100 gm contains:

  • Acacia arabica  
  • Curcumin longa 
  • Allium sativum 
  • Tinospora cordifolia 
  • Withania somnifera  
  • Eniblica officinale

Benefits of Key Ingredients:

  • Acacia arabica: Acacia arabica is sometimes used in traditional medicine for its potential to support uterine health. It may help regulate menstruation and address certain gynecological issues.
  • Curcumin longa: Curcumin is well-known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects. It may help reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial for managing conditions associated with inflammation, such as menstrual pain and pelvic inflammation.
  • Allium sativum: Garlic may help reduce inflammation in the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This could be beneficial for managing conditions associated with pelvic inflammation.
  • Tinospora cordifolia: Tinospora cordifolia is renown for its immune-boosting properties. It may help strengthen the immune system, also making it more robust in defending against infections.
  • Withania somnifera: Ashwagandha is well-known for its adaptogenic properties, which may help the body adapt to and manage stress. Stress reduction can be beneficial for overall well-being and may indirectly support reproductive health.

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    It is good for heart health

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