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Herbo Rattan Giloy Capsule – 60 capsules

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Herbo Rattan Giloy Capsule – 60 capsules

The greatest natural immune booster is Herbo Rattan Giloy Capsules. It’s a powerful herbal detoxifier for the kidneys and liver, as well as a blood purifier. Giloy is an immunomodulator with antibacterial and antioxidant effects. A potent treatment for all sorts of fevers, particularly dengue fever. Fever, diabetes, anemia, jaundice, heart problems, asthma, and urinary disorders are all treated with it in Ayurvedic medicine. It improves immunity against viruses such as dengue fever, seasonal flu, and others.


  • Increase or boosts overall immunity of the body
  • Reduces life’s daily stress and anxiety
  • Fights with respiratory problems
  • Reduces signs of Aging
  • It improves the digestion
  • Remove Toxins from body and purifies the blood
  • Helps to get rid of  diseases


Take one capsule twice a day with water after a meal or as directed by a physician.

1 review for Herbo Rattan Giloy Capsule – 60 capsules

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